We’ve got your back in terms of function and laminate! We’ve been on a quest to withstand wind and water since the early 1980s when we at Tenson launched our self-developed MPC (Moisture Permeability Coating) laminate that keeps you dry and comfortable.

Since then we have continued to develop technologies for our products to keep you protected from the weather - no matter the weather. 

MPC (Moisture Permeability Coating)

Tenson’s MPC™ (Moisture Permeability Coating) stands for high comfort in unstable weather. The MPC function causes the rainwater to drain off the garment. At the same time, the condensation/moisture that comes from the body is transported into the garment, i.e. MPC causes the garment to breathe, so it feels comfortable to wear even during demanding activity. Garments with MPC have taped seams and are windproof.

Our MPC comes in three different performance levels.

- MPC™ comes with a waterproofness of at least 5.000mm. 
- MPC™ PLUS comes with a waterproofness of at least 8.000mm. 
- MPC™ EXTREME comes with a waterproofness of at least 10.000mm

MPC and MPC Plus are used in the garments that are suitable for an active everyday life, while MPC Extreme is used in the garments that are developed for demanding activities and which therefore require extremely high water resistance.

MPC Extreme™ is Tenson’s highest grade of MPC™ - Moisture Permeability Coating. It has been developed and refined over the last 30 years in order to meet the demands of ambitious outdoor athletes and urban adventurers, combining extremely effective waterproof properties with an exceptional breathing performance. It comes with a guaranteed waterproofness of at least 10.000 mm. 

Waterproof Windproof
Taped Seams Breathable


DOWN R-D-S by Tenson

Certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) by Control Union. The RDS ensures that our down does not come from animals that have been subject to any unnecessary harm, such as force-feeding or live-plucking. This helps us in tracking the down used in our products from farm to finished garments.

Down is a good choice in winter weather and extreme cold conditions. Down has many good qualities, such as the ability to insulate and retain body heat while having good breathability. Its lightweight makes the garment comfortable to wear and easy to pack. 


If you’re looking for a light, smooth yet super strong quick-drying fabric made for the majority of weather conditions - Tenson’s AirPush is it!

These features are made possible by the high density of the fabric (+30% higher than conventional fabrics) which features microscopic fibers on the surface of the fabric that prevents the water to permeate from the outside while the fine pores allow moisture on the inside to be wicked away. The experience is a lightweight smoother garment that provides freedom of movement when the temperature drops. 

Waterproof Windproof Breathable



AirPush™ Insulate is lightweight voluminous insulation, a natural down-like synthetic loose fiberfill that provides vapor management while maintaining warmth even when wet. The Featherless padding is designed to provide excellent breathability and movement - making it ideal for the urban adventurer. 

Retain Body Heat



The Gait Gripper™ outsole is developed in collaboration with Stefan Grau, Professor in Biomechanics and Movement Science at the department for Sport Science at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

The outsole pattern is made to optimize walking gait foot movement in all directions, providing the best possible grip around the heel, mid stance and toe-off phase. The outsole material compound is made from ASX grip (Anti-Slip Xtreme) providing an unsurpassed grip on both dry and wet surfaces.