In mid-January 2019, when our social media feeds were flooded with content of people heli-skiing, doing backflips in the park and riding the most extreme off-piste, we felt that it was time to shine a light on the average, yet passionate, outdoor enthusiast.

For over six decades, we’ve been making innovative, functional clothing of the highest quality, proven to withstand during the harshest conditions worn by the most savage skiers. Being serious about our vision to enable the outdoors and making garments for everyone, we felt that it was time to thoroughly test our gears on the “mediocre skier”. And most importantly, underline that spending time in our beautiful nature is not about skills and hunting likes on social channels, it’s about passion. It’s about you, and your experience.


In order to find the perfect candidates for the mission, we published a job ad seeking two truly enthusiastic yet “mediocre skiers”, who would have the pleasant task of testing out our latest ski gear collection by skiing the way they’ve always done. A tendency to fall was hence seen as a competitive merit.


The job, that included an all-inclusive round trip to beautiful Idre fjäll, a competitive salary and private ski lessons, became an instant hit with over 50 000 applicants from all around the world and several media outlets covering the story (Read about it in Outside here


After a super tough recruitment process we finally managed to choose two successful candidates. Meet the world’s first professional ski gear testers: Sebastian and Cilla.


I’ve always loved spending time in the outdoors. No matter if it’s biking to work, strolling around in the city park or going on a camping trip over the weekend. However, when it comes to skiing, I’ve never had the courage to even try, as all of my skiing friends are basically professionals. I will never let fear or insecurity stop me from trying new things ever again.”



“ The art of skiing is definitely harder than I could ever imagined, but as with most things in life it’s about passion,dedication and most importantly having fun. Apart from getting one step closer to impressing my friends with my skiing skills, spending time in the mountains was a well-needed break from our stressful society. Nature- cheaper than therapy.”

- Sebastian


Even though we, unfortunately, couldn’t hire all of you, the initiative helped inspire millions of people to go out and explore nature on their own terms, and that’s a pretty decent start on our journey to democratize nature, isn’t it?


Now, get out there and create your own little adventure.







The collab between Tenson and Junkyard started off with the love for the iconic Tenson Himalaya jacket.

Originally designed in 1972, inspired by the first travel to the moon. The jacket was used by a British expedition in the Himalaya mountains in 1975. The inspiration for the collection was found in Tensons extensive archive filled of garments, photographs and old lookbooks.

The graphics used as front prints and embroidery in the collection are all based on the painting of the Himalaya Mountain existing in the Tenson headoffice. The collection consists of jackets and hoodies, crews and tees. All with details and materials found in the archives of Tenson and transformed into a Junkyard way of dressing and addressing the streets.

”We are super excited that our heritage can be so relevant for contemporary streetwear design” says Karin Plonaitis, Chief Brand Officer and Oscar Anderberg, Marketing


Take a look at the collection here!

Sandra Näslund, 21, is a member of the Swedish Ski Cross Team and an enthusiastic Tenson Ambassador. We caught up with her to find out if Ski Cross has always been her passion, and what it means to be a Tensonaut.

T: You have loved sport since you were small. You talk of a deep passion for football, did you want to become a professional footballer when you were young, and do you still play

SN: As a kid I was skiing alpine during the winter and playing football during summer. Football was my favourite sport, and yes, I was dreaming of becoming a professional player. I played football for a few years after I started Ski Cross, but after I hurt my knee I decided to go all in for Ski Cross.

T: What was it about Ski Cross that won you over when you discovered it in 2011? 
SN: There are a lot of things about the sport that I really like, the course included jumps and other challenges, the action of four going at the same time, the moments of waiting for the gate to drop. And the fact that I was doing great already at my first race didn’t make it any less fun. It is also a bit like what me and my friend did every day before and after the Ski Cross training, having fun racing down on small paths in the woods or outside the slopes!

T: In 2017 you won the FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboarding Championships becoming Sweden’s first world champion in Ski Cross. Can you tell us a bit about your journey - from when you fell in love with ski cross - leading up to this moment, and how it felt to achieve this.
SN: Everything has gone so fast from when I started with Ski Cross, I only did a few races before I had the opportunity to go with the national team on some races outside Sweden. I have been doing Ski Cross for 7 years now and I have been in the national team for 6 years. My first year in the team was also my first year skiing the World Cup. I was learning a lot all the time, skiing with the best, and had some okay results at the end of the season. My second year was when I got my breakthrough, I qualified for the Olympics in Sochi and ended up in 5th place. The same season I took my two first podiums in the World Cup. The season after was a short one, I hurt my knee in January and couldn’t ski any more that season. I had a good recovery and was back again the next season and I ended up 4th in the overall Ski Cross Cup. 

For the next season, the World championship in Sierra Nevada, at the end of the season was the big goal. I had a good season even in the World Cup, took my first two World Cup victories, had a lot of podiums and ended up 2nd in the overall. It felt like I was in good shape when we left for the World Championships and I was excited to finally race. 

It was a super warm day, with tight heats every round and when I crossed the finish line first in the final I was so happy. Thinking of all the hard work I had put in, not only me, the whole team. I have had almost the same team around me since I started with Ski Cross, so it was a great feeling to win this together with them. I also had my family there cheering for me. 

T: What do you enjoy doing and where in the world do you enjoy doing it when you are not skiing?
SN: When I am not skiing I like to spend time with family and friends. My favourite place is my grandmother’s summer house in a small village in Sweden called Rossön. I often go fishing when I am there. 

T: What does a regular day’s training look like for you?
SN: During the summer I usually train 2 times a day, 5-6 days a week. One session in the morning at the gym, focussing on strength, and in the afternoon often some intervals. During winter when we aren’t racing we do 1 or 2 sessions on the slope and sometimes 1 session on the gym in the afternoon depending on how much we have been skiing. On the slope we do a lot of Ski Cross training, but we also train some Giant slalom during the preseason.  

T: How does being a Tensonaut and wearing Tenson gear help your performance in training or in competitions?
SN: Tenson has comfortable, functional and good-looking clothes. Wearing Tenson gear keeps me warm on the slope, at the same time they are functional so that I can perform at the high level I need to improve my skiing. Having a good fit on the race suit is important, and a way of cutting the last hundredths to be the fastest. That is something Tenson have been good at, and they improve it every year.

T: Which upcoming events, competitions, or trips are you currently most excited about?
SN:My big goal for the next season is the World Championship, even though I still focus a lot on the World Cup also. The World Cup in Idre, Sweden is of course one of the highlights of the world cup tour. Racing at home ground in front of friends and family. 


Keep posted for exclusive Ski Cross Top Tips from SANDRA NÄSLUND – coming soon!

Tensonauts AW18 Season Highlights

The Swedish Ski Cross team continued to perform well after last years ending with double gold medals in the world championships.

Big shout out to Sandra Näslund (Ski cross), the overall winner of Ski Cross World Cup - she was more or less unbeatable during the whole season, and also to Alexandra Edebo, the Europa Cup winner. 

We’d also like to mention the amazing recovery of Anna Holmlund who was injured last season. After 3 months in a coma she was back on her skis again and has been super-active, even doing a 20km bike race!

Looking ahead to the 2018/19 season, we are hoping that every Tensonaut achieves their goals, beats their personal bests, and performs their very best with the help of Tenson gear. 

The Tenson team would like to welcome more Ambassadors into the fold, expanding the team of Tensonauts with Athletes from across Europe. Get in touch if you’d like to be part of the story!