Material guide

In the early ‘70s, Paul Rydholm, founder of Tenson, started to experiment with waterproof and breathable fabrics, way ahead of his time. With the creation of MPC, Paul Rydholm took the Tenson collection to a new level. Becoming one of the first outdoor brands to implement a new way of thinking: active wear should keep you dry even from inside and out. MPC and MPC Extreme are the results of Paul’s ambitions and today we have the technology to blend these fabrics with outer layers to get all these different finishes and feelings you search for in modern functional garment. A stretchy and soft to the touch finish for lifestyle wear, extreme performance for active wear, and all the possibilities in between. 

MPC EXTREME: is the highest grade of MPC. Developed to meet the demands of ambitious outdoor athletes and adventurers, it combines extremely effective waterproof properties with exceptional fabric-breathing performance. MPC Extreme is also available in a 3-layer system with stretch characteristics – ideal for activities that require optimum freedom of movement.

MPC is characterized by extremely long-lasting waterproof properties and above average breathing performance, making it ideal for the active outdoor life, regardless of the water and moisture Mother Nature decides to throw in your direction. Tenson MPC is also available with stretch characteristics, perfect for those activities that test us a little more.

DERMIZAX: Living an active outdoor life do put your clothes to the test. Dermizax is a waterproof membrane with a highly efficient non-porous structure that delivers maximum breathability. Dermizax excels in durability making it the fabric of choice for our most specialized line of products.

AIRPUSH AirPush is our in-house developed material that delivers superior breathability and comfort wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Fully recyclable and featuring density that is 20 to 30% higher than conventional materials, its fine pores allow moisture on the inside to be evaporate while at the same time, preventing water permeation from the outside. As well as outstanding water resistance, we created Air Push to be strong yet light and dry faster – so you can get back outside again. This means that it doesn’t stiffen and hinder freedom of movement when the temperature drops.

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