Warranty & Claims

My product was defective when I got it, what do I do now?
You have the right to make a complaint within three years provided that the product was defective when you received it.

If you discover any defects in the product (s) you have ordered, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible at [email protected]. Inform us in what way you think the product is defect. Please also submit a picture for a fair assessment.
In order to process your return, we must be informed of in what way the product is defective.

If your complaint is approved, we will send you a return waybill (prepaid return freight) and provide you with information on how you should execute the complaint and return of the product.

If the product is defective or wrongly delivered, we will replace the product as soon as possible within 30 days from receiving the product (s) from you.

We will refund any eventual costs you may have had in connection with the return of the product

Read more about complaints in our terms of purchase here.

Do I have any warranty on my products?
In addition to the right to claim, Tenson also provides a 2-year warranty on all products. The warranty applies only if the product is purchased online from Tenson.

If you have purchased the product in one of our stores, please contact the store. If you have purchased the product from one of our resellers, please contact the store you bought the product in. (note that other terms of the warranty may apply there)

Read more about the guarantee in our terms and conditions here.

What is the difference between warranty and claims?
We understand that it may seem like similar terms, but the warranty is voluntary to leave while the right of complaint is by law and applies to all products.

The main difference between the right of complaint and the warranty is that during a complaint the burden of proof lies with the consumer, who must prove that the error is original.

The definition of an original error is that the fault was already present at delivery and that the user has not been able to influence the fault and is not due to, for example, wear, abnormal use, neglect or any kind of external impact.