Agata Skrzypczyk.

My biggest passion is discovering zesty stories from various places on Earth that show how we, humans, are connected to nature. I try to redefine the way we talk about nature conservation and climate change by giving a voice to communities. Throughout the years I have been watching how bottom-up, united actions are the most effective way to protect our Planet. This is also what I observe within Tenson’s new strategy and that was the main reason why I joined the Community with Purpose with a big pleasure.

There is an incredible, almost magical effect that you create when you put together like-minded people with similar passion and values. The actions created by such a community will be more powerful and will reach further. We will inspire each other, support, give a hand and a push when needed. I am looking forward to discovering how this group, which I am honored to be a part of, will come together to create something great and bigger than each of us alone.




Your "nickname":

Where are you based:

Poland & Copenhagen, Denmark


Environmental Journalist & Storyteller

The PURPOSE of you/your/life/profession work:

To tell unheard stories about environment, climate change and our relationship with nature. Let’s learn, redefine and improve the way how we talk about climate change by bringing attention to local communities and their resilience in fighting for our Planet. My purpose and biggest passion is looking for such stories and publishing them through multimedia.

Favorite outdoor activity:

Sailing, surfing, swimming. Long hikes and runs accompanied by foraging.

Favorite outdoor place/s:

My dreamland is an old growth forest accompanied by any body of water. My favourite place on Earth is Masurian Lakes District with thousands lakes located in Eastern Poland… With time we seem to inevitably come back to the roots.

Favorite campfire food:

Morning oatmeal with a view and a rum drink after a sailing session.

Favorite food to forage:

Mushrooms, ground elder, wild fruits and flowers for making excellent eastern nalewki.

Favorite "adventure"/nature read:

One of the best inspirations for facing and tuning in with nature came from the book, “At One with the Sea: Alone Around the World”, written by Naomi James, the first women to have sailed solo around the world. She actually shares this title with a Polish sailor, Krystyna Chojnowska-Liskiewicz, who went on her solo journey in the same year.

Favorite cinematic/"adventure"/outdoor film:

Encounters at the End of the World, which depicts Werner Herzog’s, “Journey to Antarctica”