Chris Overgaard.


I'm Chris, and I'm an outdoor junkie! I have a strong passion for adventure, traveling and finding and taking on new outdoor challenges. 

My outdoor interest first took me through a few years of service as a Sergeant and Officer in the Army, but I soon discovered that I needed to experience the great outdoors on my own terms. After I quit my job in the Military I spent 10 years of traveling both privately and professionally while working with everything from historical- and mountain guiding to running my own adventure hiking company. Those years took me through 116 countries and to countless mountaintops. 


Today I live in Stockholm and work within marketing, but every chance I get, I still chase the mountains. Or maybe the mountains are calling for me and not the other way around?
When I'm not busy with my office job, I freelance as a mountain guide and try to inspire and lead others to conquer tough challenges and get a glimpse of all the beauty a tough mountain challenge can throw at you. 


I love mountaineering, climbing, skiing, mountain biking, surfing, 70's rock and tacos. But what really motivates me is to share those experiences and inspire others to have some of the amazing experiences that I've had in all corners of the World! 

Your "nickname":


Where are you based:

Stockholm, Sweden


Marketing Manager at BookBeat
Mountain Guide

The PURPOSE of you/your/life/profession work:

To share and inspire others to have amazing experiences in the outdoors

Favorite outdoor activity:

Mountain climbing

Favorite outdoor place/s:

The Mountains

Favorite campfire food:

S'mores of course ;) 

Favorite food to forage:

Anything that can help me strip down the weight of my backpack ;)

Favorite "adventure"/nature read:

Into The Wild or Into Thin Air

Favorite cinematic/"adventure"/outdoor film:

Seven Years in Tibet
or Into the Wild
or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
... aaah there are too many to mention 

Get in touch with Chris
Email:            [email protected]