Edward Anderson.

I’m an imperfect person: in fact we are all imperfect. Without putting any label on it, but wanting to be honest about where I am and where we are as beings on this planet. I’m not always outgoing, I sometimes struggle with social interactions and conflict. But nature calms me down, inspires me about the world and connects me with other people. It has a healing effect on me and I know there are many other people who desperately need it. I want everybody to feel nature’s benefit.

I’ve spent most of my career being close to nature in one way or another, either climbing and caring for trees as a tree surgeon, or taking people into the wilderness in different countries as an expedition leader.

Now, as a wildlife filmmaker, I want to inspire people with the amazing stories you can find in the natural world

In all of these things and over the years, having the right gear has been so important, so I can focus not on being too cold, or too wet, but on the job in hand.

I’m VERY interested in getting like-minded people together in the context of the natural world, which is why I’m happy to be part of Tenson’s community with purpose.


Where are you based:
Bristol, UK.


Assistant Producer, BBC Natural History Unit.

The PURPOSE of you/your/life/profession work:

To inspire people about the natural world and foster a healthier relationship between people and nature.

Favorite outdoor activity:

Tree climbing.

Favorite outdoor place/s:

The rainforest. There’s a reason most people don’t live in the rainforest: if you stay still too long, something will start living on you! But it’s an incredible place to visit because it can be so full of life.

Favorite campfire food:

Baked potato cooked in the coals, with butter.

Favorite food to forage:

The apple that's at the top of the tree and you need to climb up to reach it!

Favorite "adventure"/nature read:

“The Dig Tree”: a fascinating account of a failed Australian pioneering expedition. Poorly prepared, terrible decisions, mis-reading natural signs, starvation, you know: all the good stuff. Also “Endurance” Alfred Lansing’s account of Shackleton’s successful but aborted expedition - one of the greatest expedition leaders IMHO.

Favorite cinematic/"adventure"/outdoor film:

The Lost City of Z - a true life account of Col Percival Fawcett, an explorer who disappeared in the Amazon whilst searching for a mysterious city.