Jane Connelly.

A Pacific Northwesterner who grew up appreciating hiking and swimming every mountain range near Seattle – and sitting down to a lovingly-prepared meal in equal measure, you can say I’m an adventurer and epicurean. Both aspects of my personality fit nicely with my career – I have the pleasure of working in food tourism and sustainable development.

Partnering with Tenson is an honor as their gear enables me to fashionably and functionally do what I love most: Travel, meet and eat with people all over the world, and – in most cases – do this outside. In ways that respect and observe local dishes, the customs behind the food, and the natural resources needed to be preserved to ensure future generations can uphold sacred culinary traditions.

I’ll be testing Tenson gear during my culinary adventures around the world, from Nepali tea fields, to Basque wineries, to Alaskan fishing adventures!



Your "nickname":

Where are you based:

Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Spain


Food Tourism and Culinary Heritage Expert

The PURPOSE of you/your/life/profession work:

I strive to preserve and promote local foodways and culinary heritage through the development of community based tourism initiatives and projects. And in my free time I try to open the minds of friends and family to the diverse and unique wonders of our world's gastronomy. 

Favorite outdoor activity:

Hiking and swimming in crystal clear alpine lakes

Favorite outdoor place/s:

Any old-growth forest. It is an absolutely humbling experience to be immersed in such an ecosystem.

Favorite campfire food:

Red wine

Favorite food to forage:

Wild herbs like thyme and rosemary

Favorite "adventure"/nature read:

The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coehlo

Favorite cinematic/"adventure"/outdoor film:

Valley Uprising

Get in touch with Jane

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://janeconnelly.com/