Lena Mossberg.

I am kind of nomadic in nature and I travel a lot. Working as a university professor in marketing and tourism, I run international projects. It's great because I have opportunities to enjoy nature around the globe. I also have a small lodge on the west coast of Sweden serving climbers.



Your "nickname":

Where are you based:

Brastad, Sweden


Managing Director

The PURPOSE of you/your/life/profession work:

Destination development

Favorite outdoor activity:

Trekking, jogging and skiing

Favorite outdoor place/s:

Where ever I go I look ”around the corner” for trails for jogging. A fantastic way to discover the world.

Favorite campfire food:

Coffee, coffee and more coffee together with sandwich, soup, pasta and marshmallows

Favorite food to forage:

Shrimps on the West Coast of Sweden when out sailing!

Favorite "adventure"/nature read:

In general, nice to read personal stories about long trekkings and expeditions.

Favorite cinematic/"adventure"/outdoor film:

I was introduced to books like Jorden runt på 80 dagar (Around the World in Eighty Days) and Robinson Cruise early in life. For me, this was adventure! I have seen films and read different versions of the books for myself and my kids. And, I still enjoy them.

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Email: [email protected]
Website: https://villabro.se/