Phaka Hlazo.

Having traveled over 35 000 kms of the African continent by road, I am passionate about helping the world discover the transformative experiences I have had the privilege of enjoying in countries which have historically suffered much misrepresentation. I have engaged in Tenson’s Community with Purpose to connect with like-minded individuals and online communities who are passionate about making a difference and contributing to a sustainable, more equitable, world.

Your "nickname":

Where are you based:

Johannesburg, South Africa


Founder & CEO, Zulu Nomad

The PURPOSE of you/your/life/profession work:

My purpose is to be an enabler to African tourism capacity and enterprise development at scale through leveraging digital technologies

Favorite outdoor activity:

I enjoy scuba diving, long hikes, kayaking, and discovering just how much South Africa has to offer the adventure traveler

Favorite outdoor place/s:

Our magnificent mountain ranges, freshwater lakes and the warm Indian ocean

Favorite campfire food:

Smores! :), and anything I can enjoy while listening to amazing stories from safari and adventure guides

Favorite food to forage:

Medicinal herbs! 

Favorite "adventure"/nature read:

The Alchemist, Paulo Coehlo

Favorite cinematic/"adventure"/outdoor film:

Cast Away