Rasmus Dissing Nielsen.


I love to push myself out of my comfort zone. I love to put myself I in situations where you probably wouldn’t expect to see someone in a wheelchair. Because we need representation in all shapes or forms. Representation is importen both for us living with a disability and for people without disabilities. Because when you see us, we can break down the barriers that keep us apart.

I’ve always been curious, but exploring can be a challenge when you’re in a wheelchair and tend to stay inside your comfort zone. When I started traveling I was forced to leave my comfort zone in many situations. This has definitely changed me a lot, I’ve grown in many ways. Today I’m kind of an adrenaline-junkie when in comes to leaving my comfort zone.

It gives me energy to experience things that not many does, let alone people without disabilities.

I share my travel experience on my Instagram @WheelchairExplorer to show the possibilities both for people with and without a disability.

I work in media and run af livestreaming business (We Are Wonder), so I also try to use my network to influence for better representation in media.

Your “nickname”:

WheelchairExplorer or Radissing


Where are you based:

Copenhagen, Denmark.



Traveler, disability activist and digital producer.


The PURPOSE of you/your/life/profession work:

I want to improve representation of people with disabilities. I do it through travel, my work in media and by being active a wide verity of disability organisations.


Favorite outdoor activity:

Exploring nature as far from established cities as possible.


Favorite outdoor place/s:

It might sound strange. But I love to places that that might be more or less impossible to go in a wheelchair.


Favorite campfire food:

To be honest I rarely eat campfire food. But I do love food, both to make it and to go out for a special dining experience.


Favorite food to forage:

All kind of berries. I’m currently experimenting with growing my own oyster mushrooms.


Favorite “adventure”/nature read:

I’m not really a reader. I’m way more visually oriented.


Favorite cenematic/“adventure”/outdoor film:

Into the wild

Get in touch with Rasmus

Email: [email protected]

Travel Instagram: @wheelchairexplorer

Personal Instagram: @Radissingdk