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Sonam Tsering Sherpa
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For the first time in 35 years (1987), The Swedish Outdoor Brand returned to reach the summit of Mount Everest! On 15 May 2022, Sonam Sherpa, Managing Director of Sherpa Adventure and member of the Tenson community - reached Everest’s summit in Tenson’s Naomi Expedition Jacket.

Back in the 80’s, Tenson sponsored the 1987 Swedish Mount Everest Expedition. The team had the summit (8849M) in their sights, but were forced back by weeks of foul weather at the 8650M mark. Prior to that, Tenson had already sponsored two other successful Everest attempts:

  • During the British Mount Everest South West Face expedition of 1975, several of the world’s leading climbers commit to the Tenson Himalaya Jacket as their primary choice for the extreme conditions. Led by the legendary Sir Chris Bonington and Hamish MacInnes, they set off to climb Everest’s South West Face, which, up to that point, had never been successfully climbed.

  • In the winter of 1980/1981, Tenson sponsored and equipped the Japanese Mount Everest Expedition, led by the well-renowned adventurer-explorer Naomi Uemura. Two members of his team reached the summit. The expedition’s jacket of choice: Tenson’s original “Lapplander”. Some 40 years later in the autumn of 2021, Tenson launched the updated version of the “Lapplander”, paying homage to world-renowned adventurer, Naomi Uemura. It is now appropriately named, the Tenson Naomi Expedition Jacket.

To commemorate the 1980/81 Tenson-sponsored Japanese Mount Everest Expedition, Sonam Sherpa - who has just returned from the summit of Everest - and his team led Tenson’s 1981-2021 Everest Base Camp Anniversary Expedition in December 2021 in a bid to further connect The Swedish Outdoor Brand to its adventurous and legendary roots.


We took a few moments with Sonam Sherpa for some Q & A upon his return:

Most difficult aspect of your successful climb of Everest?

It must have been taking the initial step and deciding to climb. It does take much time commitment. Having to leave all work and responsibilities for 40 days is not easy.

Most enjoyable aspect of your climb?

The weather this season was just fabulous! Not a single day did we encounter bad weather. Also, climbing with our clients as well as fellow Sherpas over difficult terrain made it quite enjoyable.

Now that you’ve had some time to digest your successful Everest climb, how do you sense it has/will affect you (whatever comes to mind)?

Honestly, not sure yet, but I will be looking forward for more climbs!

Key inspirations/guidance/insights you would share with anyone trying to accomplish a significant objective and/or overcome a major hurdle?

Take the initial step, results will follow.

Please share the basic “mechanics” of your climb – how many days did it take? How much training did you undertake? Size of your climbing team? Oxygen - at what point did you start/end with extra oxygen?

I Started the Expedition on the 13th April and summited on the 15th May. I returned to Kathmandu on the 21st of May. I had been training for the last six months with regular hikes and building strength. There were 10 members in the team and also local Sherpa support. Oxygen was taken from Camp 3 to the summit and back to Camp 3.

BTW, on your original profile at you answered for the question, “Next Adventure?” And you responded, “Climbing Mount Everest!” So now, we ask again: “What is your next adventure?!” LOL!! To the moon and back?!

Maybe Everest in Autumn. Since 2010 no one has managed to climb in the Autumn Season.

Reflections regarding Tenson product/product performance:

I wore Tenson gear the whole time while I was at Everest Base Camp and up to Camp 3. Tenson’s Imilac Down Jacket was perfect for up to Camp 3 (7300 meters/23950 feet), light and yet very warm. And, Tenson’s TXlite Hoodie was perfect for the evenings in the tent and also could be worn during the day while climbing. I had it on during the summit as well under Tenson’s Naomi Expedition Down Jacket. Tenson’s Sphere Bib Pants carried me easily up to Camp 3. Perfect fit and very durable. Lastly, the Naomi Expedition Down Jacket was super warm the whole way - and even during the stormy weather kept me warm as well as stylish! :)

For adventurous souls who wish to have extraordinary experiences in Nepal and Bhutan, how do they get in touch with your adventure travel company?

We offer trekking, expedition, mountain biking and other adventure-oriented tours. Our company is Sherpa Adventure. [email protected] Tel: +977-1-4422656, +977-1-4416880