Chris Doyle.



Full Name:

Chris Doyle.

Your "nickname":



Where are you based:

Mölndal, Sweden.


Tenson Marketing & Sustainability Director & an advisor of responsible tourism development globally.

The PURPOSE of you/your/life/profession work:

To partner with extraordinary people to stimulate net-positive impacts for societies and our natural world.

Most exhilarating and/or favorite experience during the trek:

One-on-one talks with our Sherpa guides – simply amazing people! Oh, and revisiting the exact spot in West Thamel in Kathmandu where I met my incredible wife, Emma, back in 2007!

Most funny moment on your way to Everest Base Camp:

When Jangbu Sherpa played a joke on me above 4,000 meters by placing the “pulse oximeter” (an instrument for measuring the body’s oxygen levels) on my nose, instead of where it was supposed be used – on my finger. It was a classic, high-altitude mountain guide joke and I feel for it, hook, line and sinker!

Most difficult moment/experience during the trek to Everest Base Camp:

Getting hit with a bad case of high altitude sickness at Lobuche (4.940 meters) just hours before our team carried on and successfully reached Everest Base Camp, forcing me to retreat. Grrrr…That said, in May 2007, I had the good fortune to reach Everest Base Camp!

Favorite trekking food:

Dal bhat – especially with all of the sauces!

The most important project and/or cause you suggest visitors to Nepal’s Khumbu region may want to learn more about:

Well, there are two that are incredibly important to me:
• SagarmathaNEXT, which promotes sustainable tourism in the Khumbu Region of Nepal
• Himalayan Trust, which works to empower communities and reduce poverty in the Everest region of Nepal

Your next adventure:

I’m dreaming about a series of weeks-long treks from Spain to Italy, retracing Hannibal’s legendary crossing of the Alps in 218 B.C.