Thomas Nord.

Creative Director & Head of Design.


Full Name:

Thomas Nord.

Your "nickname":

I’ve got no real nickname, at least not told to my face. 😉 But, since we’re two management partners at Tenson, and we both go by the name of Thomas, it’s usually Nord or North. It could be worse. 😉


Where are you based:

Stensjön Mölndal Sweden.


Creative Director & Head of Design.

The PURPOSE of you/your/life/profession work:

Both being a father of two beautiful children to whom I try to be a role model (it is easy to write, and less so living it), and a partner to my caring and loving fiancé. In addition to family, I would say my purpose is getting to express my creativity and restless soul by essentially doing what I love the most and to share it with like-minded people.

To be totally honest with you – I am living my dream working together with like-minded, fun-loving colleagues and a friend and business partner that I’ve had the pleasure to team up with for the last 20 plus years! In that extraordinary context, I get to develop products and concepts. And, in nurturing our brand, my challenge is rather personal and it has to do with pacing myself to enjoy the present situation, not just focusing on what’s next. And, I am getting better at it - like fine wine improves with age. 😉

Most exhilarating and/or favorite experience during the trek:
Wow, that’s a tough choice being such a bucket list experience, but to name a few - flying into beautiful Lukla, knowing the backdrop story of that particular airport or should we say lack of tarmac and the very first contact with thinner air and how your body responds to it…Thukla Pass, the resting place of the fallen, a memorial of climbers who died during climbing Mt. Everest its serenity, magic feel and the team’s silence…going on a heli trip to 6.000m to shoot our Naomi Expedition Jacket and the trials and tribulations we went through to get that epic imagery…and last but not least reaching Everest Base Camp together with the team, standing at the foot of the highest mountain in the world - epic, grateful 🙏

Most funny moment on your way to Everest Base Camp:
Getting tackled by a Yak! Ended up being funny, but could have ended totally different in a ravine thousand meters below. They say mules are stubborn, but when a Yak has decided its way forward on the narrow trails there’s nothing stopping it, believe me, I speak from experience. 😉…Besides that, our dear Jangbu Sherpa pulling a fast one on fellow collague Chris Doyle when measuring the ratio of red blood cells – view our “Going to Everest Base Camp” docuseries short video Day for that hilarious moment! 😉

Most difficult moment/experience during the trek to Everest Base Camp:

Experiencing and coping with the lack of oxygen, period. The human body is a fantastic creation and its ability to adapt to high altitude through both immediate and long-term acclimatization is nothing short of fantastic.

Favorite trekking food:

Well here’s an example: Jangbu Sherpa’s delicious recipe for a 2 person light trek lunch stew:

Get out your favourite 3L saucepan (Yes @cmdinspired we’re working with the metric system here 😉)

1. Put 2L of water in that saucepan and make it boil.
2. 250g of organic tender red meat beef, beat it (flatten it) and cut it into small dice pieces.
3. Boil the meat for 20-25 min depending on your preference.
4. Add 3-4 midsized potatoes cut in small dice pieces.
5. Add Capsicum (Spanish pepper) chopped into very small pieces, choose the Capsicum strength depending on your preference - mild, medium, hot, hotter than…
6. Boil and add salt & some dried spanish pepper, if you need - add more water - depending on if you’re into stew or soup 😉
7. Optional - add some fresh green peas and/or sliced carrot and/or broccoli for an even more nutricious and colourful experience.
8. If you like the stew a bit thicker in texture, just add some wheat flour while stiring, be careful, you don’t want that delicious stew to turn into glue 😉

Vegetarian? Drop the meat above and you’re set to go!


The most important project and/or cause you suggest visitors to Nepal’s Khumbu region may want to learn more about:

SagarmathaNEXT, which promotes sustainable tourism in the Khumbu Region of Nepal


Your next adventure:

Will be revealed within the coming months 😉