I was born and raised on the south coast of Sweden with the ocean just a stone's throw away. The ocean is an important part of me. It provides me with energy and calm. Not having the ocean as close by where I live now, makes me miss it even more. 


I took the opportunity to get out on the ocean on my stand-up paddle board when I visited Ystad, my hometown, this Summer and I brought my nephew along. The weather wasn’t great and the swell was rough, but if that’s what nature provides, then that’s what we must accept.


We need to take care of our oceans and of nature as it is the source of all life on earth. I try to convey this message through my work, and the importance of putting sustainability first. Without nature there is no life. Without a healthy ocean there’s no life and without oceans there will be no me.

I want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem, thus my work focusing on teaching and influencing others to think sustainably.


Travel and tourism is my field that I work in. It too can be, and many times is, the problem, but it can also be the solution. This is the message I convey and the mission I’m on. Through travel and through tourism, being done in the right way, the sustainable way it can help preserve and sustain communities, people, cultures, places, nature, wildlife and of course oceans. Travel like you mean it! Help make the world a better place and a sustainable place!


By Jeppe Klockareson, 3 October 2021





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