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In 1966, Tenson founder Paul Rydholm observed: “We are not selling products, we sell the dream of a getaway experience and becoming part of a community - A way of living”.

“...becoming part of a community”: this is the primary driver behind our 2021 introduction of Tenson’s Community with Purpose. And, living life with purpose and in harmony with nature is essential to the Tenson “way of living”. We hope what follows here with regard to our growing community and the purpose of Tenson “speaks” to you.

To help you understand why we are introducing our Community with Purpose, we will share with you along the way, here and in Tenson’s social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) Tenson’s journey from its original 1951 concept to the top of its game in the 1990s. We’ll also share how during the 2000s until 2020, Tenson lost a bit of its edge and got lost in the proverbial forest. And, we’ll share how we’ve risen above the tree line now with a clear vision of our shared future.

Chris Doyle.


Hello, friends of Tenson! I’m your current host of Tenson’s Community with Purpose and I’ll be loosely guiding our Community’s journey as it develops. By way of brief introduction: You can read my professional profile here. But, for more of the fun stuff and how I got to be...

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Monika Lewicka.


Impact and heart-driven initiator, connector, vulnerability advocate, seasoned solo traveler, challenge and outdoors enthusiast, and enthusiastic public speaker. Brand Ambassador at the Transformational Travel Council, Synergy, and Tenson, passionate about the transformative power of mindful, adventure travel, somatic trauma healing, women empowerment, all-things-mountains, and regenerative approach to all forms of life...

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Sonam Tsering Sherpa.


Sonam Sherpa CEO of Sherpa Adventure and his team led Tenson’s 1981-2021 Everest Base Camp Anniversary Expedition in December 2021 in a bid to further connect The Swedish Outdoor Brand to its adventurous and legendary roots. Sherpa Adventure caters to the adventurous souls who wish to have extraordinary experiences in Nepal and Bhutan, offering trekking, expedition, mountain biking and other adventure-oriented tours...

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Rasmus Dissing Nielsen.


I love to push myself out of my comfort zone. I love to put myself I in situations where you probably wouldn't expect to see someone in a wheelchair. Because we need representation in all shapes or forms...

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Veselka Huljic.


I just love the outdoors and time spent in nature and at the sea. That defined my career as well for the last 15 years. As an adventure travel operator, we just love to share our passion for our home (this amazing planet and Croatia) with our guests and visitors. Moreover, this...

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Jane Connelly.


A Pacific Northwesterner who grew up appreciating hiking and swimming every mountain range near Seattle – and sitting down to a lovingly-prepared meal in equal measure, you can say I’m an adventurer and epicurean. Both aspects of my personality fit nicely with my career – I have the pleasure of working...

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Dr. Paul D. Smith


I'm an atmospheric research scientist, so I work the majority of the time outdoors in snow, wind, rain, and sometimes sun! I joined Tenson's Community with Purpose because they are committed to providing sustainable outdoor clothing solutions that are tried and...

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Per Jobs


Used to be a composer, so I enjoy more than anything, to co-compose with nature. Creating unforgettable travel experiences for both nature freaks and those who have lost touch with the outdoors. With the stride length I can manage, I move towards a more sustainable lifestyle and more sustainable ways of running...

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Jeppe Klockareson


Travel defines who I am and I doubt there is anything that will ever stop me exploring the natural wonders of the world. To me, traveling has been the best education of my life! There are wonderful places out there, but many have already lost their soul and I’m fully...

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Lykke Geisler Yakaboylu


Greenland is one of the few places in this world where nature still plays a role in our daily lives. I’m proud to say that my ancestors survived in the Arctic conditions and would like to share my passion for this great island of ice, glaciers, mountains, and the small communities with travelers from around the world, but...

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Agata Skrzypczyk


My biggest passion is discovering zesty stories from various places on Earth that show how we, humans, are connected to nature. I try to redefine the way we talk about nature conservation and climate change by giving a voice to communities. Throughout the years I have been watching how...

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Ásta Kristín Sigurjónsdóttir


I am an Icelandic nature seeker born and raised in a small town in Austurland, in the east part of Iceland, where nature plays a big part of everyday life. Living close to nature also teaches you who the real boss lady is – Mother Nature herself. Iceland has so many different landscapes and diversities...

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Dimitris Palaiogiannis.


Hello! My name is Dimitris, born and raised in the historical & vibrant city of Athens, Greece. I am passionate about sharing with the world, authentic and local experiences in Greece; as well as engaging locals in responsible and holistic tourism practices. Currently, traveling all...

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Edward Anderson.

wildlife film-maker

I’m an imperfect person: in fact we are all imperfect. Without putting any label on it, but wanting to be honest about where I am and where we are as beings on this planet. I’m not always outgoing, I sometimes struggle with social interactions and conflict....

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Manuel Sand.


I'm a Professor of outdoor sports and adventure management at the University of applied Management in Germany! I try to teach as much as possible outdoors in active lectures, instead of sitting in a closed room. While teaching outdoors and during my own outdoor activities need professional equipment....

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Phaka Hlazo.


Having travelled over 35 000 kms of the African continent by road, I am passionate about helping the world discover the transformative experiences I have had the privilege of enjoying in countries which have historically suffered much misrepresentation. I have engaged in Tenson’s Community with Purpose to...

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Lena Mossberg


I am kind of nomadic in nature and I travel a lot. Working as a university professor in marketing and tourism, I run international projects. It's great because I have opportunities to enjoy nature around the globe. I also have a small lodge on the west coast of Sweden serving climbers.

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Niklas Lindhardt


To make this planet a better, more sustainable place, I work with consciousness development. With individuals, leaders, leadership teams and organizations. When we expand our consciousness and integrate our shadow, we emerge a heart centered life, with greater love for self, others and the planet, and less...

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Leila Nutti


I live in Jokkmokk, a Sámi community and municipality. It’s my home, here in the arctic enviorment and lifestyle where we have the forest and mountain just around the corner. My world circuits around the reindeer and our culture, we all work together and no day is like...

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Samuel Vinka


You find me in the Swedish mountains, in the Vindelfjällen Nature reserve, hiking the trails of my ancestors, who have walked the same paths for thousands of years. Preserving the sami way of thinking around sustainability is key for me, today we need the longer perspectives more than ever.

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Corina Akner


I am by all means an “outside person” where that means climbing and crawling around in any thinkable context to understand more, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In my line of work, it is important to get my own hands-on experiences and I tend to look for the "behind the scene" kind of...

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Chris Overgaard


I'm Chris, and I'm an outdoor junkie! I have a strong passion for adventure, traveling and finding and taking on new outdoor challenges. My outdoor interest first took me through a few years of service as a Sergeant and Officer in the Army, but I soon discovered that I needed to experience the great outdoors on my own terms...

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Eirik Skjærseth.


I love exploring in all meanings of the word. When I was young, I spent more than a year backpacking around the world. This experience had a profound impact on my understanding of the world. The power of perspective change and the importance of cultural knowledge was among the many insights I still bring with me and pursue to grow in all aspects of my life...

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