The Naomi Expedition Jacket.


In 1979 The Tenson Lapplander was Tenson’s first jacket with down filling 90/10: a 90/10 ratio means that the product is 90% down - the “fluffy” stuff - and 10% feather. This is the science behind any down-to-feather ratio you see, the higher the down percentage, the warmer it will be. Designed and developed in and for cold conditions, it is tested by the professional dog sledge racing team led by Marsha and Bob Crockett and Lewis Leonardin near Mount Alyeska, approximately 160km southeast of Anchorage, Alaska.

Less than two years after its 1979 introduction - in the winter of 1980/1981 Tenson sponsors and equips the Japanese Mount Everest Expedition, led by the well-renowned adventurer-explorer Naomi Uemura. Two members of his team reached the summit. The expedition’s jacket of choice: Tenson’s original “Lapplander”. Naomi was particularly well known for doing solo what had previously been achieved only with large teams. For example, he was the first man to reach the North Pole solo, the first man to raft the Amazon solo, and the first man to climb Denali solo in winter. Sadly, he disappears on the descent a day after his 43rd birthday after summiting Denali, North America’s highest and most challenging peak at 20,320-foot (6,194-meter). Some 40 years later in the autumn of 2021, Tenson launches an updated version of the “Lapplander”, paying homage to world-renowned adventurer, Naomi Uemura. It is now appropriately named, The Tenson Naomi Expedition Jacket.

In spring of 2022 - for the first time in 35 years (1987), The Swedish Outdoor Brand returned to reach the summit of Mount Everest! On 15 May 2022, Sonam Sherpa, Managing Director of Sherpa Adventure and member of the Tenson community - reached Everest’s summit in Tenson’s Naomi Expedition Jacket!

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